Popup Maker - Boost your email marketing with 5 easy steps

5 Easy Hacks to Boost Your Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing has about 40 years of history? Back then, people understood that this is a very easy, cheap, and productive way of marketing. It was a boom considering the results of the marketing campaign, and how a simple email can bring so much profit to a business. Email marketing is still one of the most

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Turn Your Website Visitors Into Real Customers!

As you know all your website visitors aren’t your customers. But every website visitor can be your potential customer. If you want to convert website visitors into real customers, you should be sure that your website reflects all the good and attractive features of the business you run. There are many reasons why your website visitors leave without making a

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create buyer persona

Create Buyer Persona in 7 Easy Steps

A buyer persona is a targeting means for all the business owners allowing you to understand your customers better. Segmentation plays an important role in targeting your customers. Having a buyer persona helps website owners to have guarantees for selling and buying goods and services online (and not only). This really helps you to target your audience with various campaigns,

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Marketing Automation Tools

Top 11 Automation Tools for 2020

People try to make every process automated. Researchers show that the number of global marketing automation tools will grow twice by 2024. Automation is the best way to increase effectiveness and efficiency. It aims to make our work easier and more productive. This is the best solution for business owners because automation makes the job easier and saves so many

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7 Powerful Tips that Will Help Launch Your Startup

Thinking about launching a startup? Well, you should know that having great ideas is not just enough to launch your startup. There are so many essential factors to consider before you will launch your startup. Having great and groundbreaking ideas for a startup project is really important for the start. Although, you must be aware of some tips in order to

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Popup Maker Online Advertising Tips

How to Make Your Online Advertising Better?

Online advertising is sometimes considered as a waste of time, effort, and money. This is an incorrect point of view. This statement can be based on a lack of information regarding the effectiveness of online advertising means. There are still some business owners who are for the “good old” methods of advertising, not accepting the new tactics and online means.

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Boost Your Immune System and Sales in COVID-19

The world is worried about the latest news about COVID19. People all over the world work from home. They are isolated in their houses. This can have an enormous impact on business. But businesses should keep the connection with customers. Online shopping is more than relevant these days, and you can take advantage of this situation. Inform your visitors about

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Mobile Marketing For Customers

Mobile Marketing Tips That Drive Leads and Sales

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more essential for any website owner. Researches by Statista show that there are about 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world today. This means that about 45.12% of the world’s total population uses a smartphone. This is a really impressive number, and not really surprising, to be fair.  This is an era of a

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How Your Popups Make the World Go Round!

Today technology improves daily lives, it allows us to move physical storage units to virtual storage banks and more. It helps businesses to save money, time, and many other resources. Technology is becoming so advanced that it is outgrowing our previous limitations and not an hour goes by where mankind doesn’t find another use for it. Do we need our

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