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5 Easy Hacks to Boost Your Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing has about 40 years of history? Back then, people understood that this is a very easy, cheap, and productive way of marketing. It was a boom considering the results of the marketing campaign, and how a simple email can bring so much profit to a business.

Email marketing is still one of the most impressive and cheap marketing means available for any business. No time or no much money was wasted. Email marketing campaigns do all the job for you, considering they can be automated for more results.

No matter how old these marketing means are, it’s still alive and super effective for your marketing campaign. This is the ultimate chain between the customers and your business growth. Business owners boost their sales and conversions with a simple connection with the customers via email.

One may think email marketing is an old era and is not that effective considering the innovative technologies. Well, that’s not right at all. Email marketing is growing as well, developing various new techniques.

Automated emails are one of those innovations that put a start to marketing automation. This is a simple flow of creating an email campaign once and setting it to be sent automatically to all your customers and subscribers.

Let’s check a list of 5 easy steps for boosting your email marketing for more profit.

Step 1. Email marketing strategy

Popup Maker - Email marketing strategy

Developing an email marketing strategy is one of the main steps one should take in order to succeed in the campaigns. This is a perfect way to organize the actions you are going to have in your further advertising campaigns. Having a strategy is the perfect way of having a clear understanding of what you are going to do in order to have successful campaigns.

Email marketing strategies allow you to plan the exact time for sending promotional and non-promotional emails to your subscribers/customers.

This allows you to set scheduled promotions with time-based offers which are limited and aim to push the subscribers to take specific actions. This can be anything, like seasonal sales, limited discount coupons, time-limited free shipping and other offers. In order to succeed in such promotional emails, you should have a number of continual emails. Simply schedule them to send 3 days before the end of the offer. This will give more results, assuring that the recipients will see the offer.

The other type is the non-promotional email campaigns which are not supposed to drive sales. These emails are the ones that simply build a connection with your customers. They help you to find out the interests of your customers. And this helps you to know the exact needs of your customers in order to offer what they need and thus boos the sales, eventually.

Knowing some tips for promotional and non-promotional email campaigns is just a little part of the email marketing strategy you should have. The point is to simply have the exact plan for running effective campaigns and follow the plan to succeed.

Step 2. Collecting subscribers

Popup Maker - Spinner popup

The second, not less important step is the process of collecting subscribers for your email list. We have discussed this several times and came to the conclusion that the most effective means are subscription popups. 

Subscription popups can be simple forms asking to subscribe. You may also implement various tricks in the popups in order to increase the chances of collecting more subscribers.

Offering sales for subscriptions is the most common practice. There are also more interesting and eye-catching means, like spinner subscription popups. These game-like popups are provided for the users allowing them to play and win sales by subscribing to your email list.

Popup Maker offers a bunch of such popup templates, which can be easily configured and implemented on your site to start growing the list.

Step 3. Managing the email list

The first thing that you should think of when managing your email list is segmentation. This is a great way to split your hopefully extended email list into several group categories. The categories are formed according to specific characteristics of your subscribers, according to their preferences and interests. This, by the way, you can find out via the non-promotional email campaigns. 

One of the most important things you should always remember about your customers is that they are all people that require a specific attitude. It’s rude to send general email campaigns not considering the interests of your customers. This is why email segmentation is so important. This makes customers feel special and they get offers always appealing to their needs. So your emails are never useless or disappointing. Before sending an email make sure that all emails are real, you can double check by visiting their website or using email finder tools.

Having a segmented email list will help you keep your subscribers and customers for a longer time, if not forever. Seemingly unique offers that your customers receive thanks to your segmentation will never annoy your customers and they will never want to unsubscribe.

Step 4. Email marketing automation

Popup Maker - Marketing automation

This is an era of automated everything. All the tools and possibilities are provided to make our job easier and save our time. No matter what you do, you can make it automated. 

Email marketing automation is one of such perfect things that bring you much profit saving so much time of yours. 

Email marketing itself has proven its effectiveness for so many years. Automation tools have just made the process easier and faster. No need to spend days and hours sending email campaigns to your customers keeping the connection and making offers.

Automated email campaigns are just a life-saver for any marketer today. You simply set up the email campaign once, and it’s sent automatically, depending on the desired actions of the customers.

Step 5. Tracking the analytics

And in the end, what can be better than tracking the analytics of the campaigns you have sent?!

A/B testing is one great means of finding the best working email campaign to reach more results and boost more sales. Setting up various examples of email campaigns and sending them out to your customers will help you track the effectiveness and choose the best one to proceed with.

Email analysis will greatly help you to see the number of unsubscribed users, the number of converted users, and the number of emails that were opened and ignored.

This is a number of indicators helping you to understand the pros and cons of your campaigns. A perfect ground for improving them and making more effective email marketing campaigns for your business growth.


Email marketing is still remaining one of the easiest marketing means to boost sales on your site. Simply following these easy 5 steps, you can run perfect email marketing campaigns for your business.

Save your time and concentrate on the most important things. Don’t forget about the interests of your customers and keep the connection to grow with a loyal army of customers.

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