The Impact of Website Quality on Customer Satisfaction

The Impact of Website Quality on Customer Satisfaction

In the age of increasing digitization, a business’s online presence is critical. Just think that more than 70% of people do Internet research on a company before actually visiting it.

In such circumstances, your organization should also be accessible online. Simply owning a website is not enough, as about 64% of small businesses already have one. It’s challenging to surprise modern tech-savvy customers with your web platform; still, it’s not something you can neglect.

When developing a website, you must ensure its advanced quality, manifested in everything: from design to overall performance. It is the only way to turn random web platform visitors into loyal customers.

Today’s article closely examines why your business needs a quality website. We’ll provide the main reasons and advantages of owning a web platform and tell you which specialists can help you with its creation.

So, let’s get started.

Main Reasons to Have a Top-Notch Website

You may not even know how helpful a website can be. At first, it may seem that these are additional expenses on an onshore or offshore development and web design team. Still, creating a web solution is a reasonable investment. And now we’ll tell you why.

  • Increase your business’s credibility

By creating a quality website for your company, you immediately increase the trust of your customers. Your potential consumers can get acquainted with all the information about the services or goods you offer and learn the history of your company right on your platform.

And there’s more. Additionally, having a professional-looking website ensures your legitimacy. Studies suggest that 75% of customers base their judgment of a company’s trustworthiness solely on its web platform’s design.

  • Boost your company’s visibility

A unique and memorable website will help you increase your company’s visibility. Thanks to it, you can broadcast your brand’s vision and values ​​online and introduce your products or services to an even wider audience.

  • Increase your sales

Your website is a decent tool for attracting customers. Providing all the necessary information about your products and services through your web platform significantly facilitates your customers’ interaction with the business. As a result, you get more clients and increased sales.

  • Attract organic traffic

A high-quality website is also one that is well optimized for search engines. With such a web platform, it is likely to rank highly in Google search results. What does it mean?

When people look for a product or service, they will immediately come across your website because it’ll be on the first search results page. Thus, you attract customers organically without spending much money on marketing.

  • Improve the customer experience

A quality website also helps to improve your customers’ experience. For example, during hours when your support team is unavailable, your potential clients can get the information they need from your web platform. And the excellent quality of this platform will increase the satisfaction of your consumers even more.

Specialists to Develop and Improve Your Website

Now that you understand the importance of an efficient website for your business, you should know what specialists are needed to create such a platform. Typically, your team will consist of:

  • Marketing Specialist

This expert will help you develop an effective customer acquisition strategy based on your business goals. Such a professional will also use your website as one of the marketing tools.

  • Web designer

This expert will work on the visual part of your website. Thanks to a well-thought-out, intuitive interface, such a specialist will ensure convenient user interaction with your platform. In addition, this professional will provide a simple, minimalist website design following your brand’s style.

  • Web developer

This expert is directly responsible for the proper functioning of your website. Such a specialist deploys all technical aspects of the platform and implements functionality using one or more programming languages ​​and other tech tools. For example, these can be Python, PHP, or C# developers.

In addition, the developer works in collaboration with the designer. It is necessary to ensure the proper operation of the website’s visual elements.

  • Project manager

This expert is responsible for overseeing your team. The PM monitors the timely completion of tasks, for example, with C# development and UI/UX design, and reports to the company’s owner — you.

  • SEO Specialist

This expert is responsible for search engine optimization of your website. As stated, the better you work on SEO, the higher your platform’s chances of reaching the top. Therefore, you cannot do without such a specialist.

  • R&D Specialist

It’s an additional expert you can hire to help you innovate your business smoothly. The R&D consultant will analyze your company and website, research, and offer the best solutions to improve your organization’s performance. The R&D team, for example, will be able to find the most effective ways to attract new users to your website.

How Website Helps Get More Customers Without Huge Marketing Budget

A quality website equals loyal customers. But how can you attract new customers? Here are some suggestions.

  • Top-notch SEO

It is not for nothing that we pay so much attention to the SEO of your website. It’s one of the key ways to attract new customers without spending a lot of money. Optimize your platform for search engines and expand your audience.

  • Calls to action

A good website should include helpful content and engaging calls to action. Work on your CTAs and increase your sales and customer acquisition.

  • Popups

Popups are windows with offers that pop up when a user visits your website. They often call to action or offer exclusive discounts, products, or services. In general, you can use popups to promote anything you need.

  • Social sharing buttons

Social sharing buttons are ads that you don’t need to pay for. Integrate them into your website so your existing users can share your platform’s content on social media. This way, you can increase your audience without spending too much.

  • Relevant information

Make sure your website has all the info your user might need. These are data about your company and detailed descriptions of your products and services. If the client can get all the information he needs in a few clicks, he is more likely to make a purchase. In addition, your customer can share the info about your company with their friends.

Boost Your Website Sales and Visitor Acquisition with Popup Maker

Popup Maker is a service that allows you to create popups for websites. The platform offers many templates that you can use to attract new customers and increase sales.

Popup Maker has over 20,000 satisfied clients and over 30,000 uses of its templates. This service also offers many integrations, extensions, and plugins. You can create engaging popups on platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Prestashop, Cloudflare, and Opencart and take advantage of integrations like Zapier, MailChimp, and even more.

So, don’t hesitate and get more satisfied customers with Popup Maker.



Today, a website is necessary for any business that wants to thrive. And what is more important is creating a high-quality web platform that will satisfy potential customers.

Having developed a top-notch website, you improve your customer experience, increase your sales, improve your company’s visibility, and show that you are credible.

Therefore, think carefully about creating or enhancing your website. Whether it is C# outsourcing or hiring an in-house development team, a web platform will benefit your business.

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