Drive More Conversions via Effective
Exit Intent Popups

Maximize your website conversion rates and minimize the bounce rates to get the most from this exit intent technology.

Exit Intent popups ensure drive sales and conversion on any type of website. It’s the easiest and fastest way to provide a website with high traffic and loyal customers.But what is the real magic of these popups and how do they work?

Popup Maker’s Exit intent detects the user’s mouse movement when it tries to leave the website and triggers a popup just before that. In fact, exit intent popups can convert any visitor if an enticing offer to convince the visitor is on the table.

Get engaged with the users, no matter what device they are viewing your website on – a PC or a mobile! With exit popups you will catch them anyway and anywhere.

Achieve Higher Conversion Over The Popup Maker

Popup Maker Exit Intent popups have helped a lot of companies (including ours)

to grow the conversion rates in a really short period of time!

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Exit Intent Popup Q&A

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What is Exit Popup?

Exit intent is a popup triggering event based on the mouse cursor movement on the page. When the mouse cursor moves towards the close button of the page (website), the exit intent script detects that movement and sends signals to trigger the popup.In other words, exit popup shows up when the user tries to leave the website. That is called a “soft” mode of exit intent technology.

Exit intent can also be triggered when the page is refreshed or when the user clicks on a link of the website to be redirected. This is an “aggressive” mode of exit intent triggering.

Do Exit Intent Popups Work On Mobile?

Exit Intent technology is one of the easiest ways to grow your business via marketing popups.Popup Maker is one of the unique services that provideс Exit Intent Mobile triggering.Today, major shoppings are carried out via mobile devices, by using the mobile version of the websites. Mobile exit intent popups can bring real sales to your eCommerce, focusing the mobile shoppers on the target.

Mobile exit intent triggers, first when the users hit the “back” button on the site and the second, when they switch the browser tabs.

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Provide engaging offers, carry out wise strategy, detect the exact moment to let the exit popup introduce itself. Just put some drive and the result won’t popup too late.

Use Cases

Exit popup campaigns are the most converting popup solutions that have
proven their effectiveness on the market.

engaging offers by exit intent popup

A second chance for sales

One of the most important things a seller should acknowledge and carry out is, to provide engaging offers to the customers.Those are discounts, free shipping offers, profitable deals and actions – anything that might convince them to buy your products. Sometimes the customers miss the displayed offers from the first time, and that is the reason you need to repeat them over again. Exit intent is a flawless mean to effectively convert the customers trying to leave the store. Just catch the customers with an enticing offer on the very edge, when they navigate to leave your store. This is a kind of “safety net” that will make the customers to hang and shop in your store. With one simple exit intent popup, you can get your customer back to your website ensuring a conversion and a successful sales!

Grow the email list

The email list is one of the key indicators of a successful marketer. If you don’t have a tangible email list of your potential customers, then it’s a huge miss for your business. A solid email list is important for implementing your online marketing strategies. Email automation can immensely ease your tasks of reaching out your customers and getting more sales in the store. Show a subscription popup on exit intent on your website and kill two birds with one single shot! Placing an offer via an email notification you can increase your sales drastically. Just enrich your email list and drive perfect email marketing. Send automated email campaigns to your subscribers, hold a chance to bring them back to your shop and do an amazing shopping!

email list growth by exit intent popup
reduce the cart abandonment rate by exit popup

Reduce the cart abandonment rate

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the worst things for online shops. It happens when a visitor adds products to the cart and leaves the website without checking out and finalizing the purchase. Frustrating – isn’t it? Exit intent popup is the easiest and most efficient way to stop this undesirable occasion. Exit intent technology detects the moment when the customer tries to leave the cart without making the purchase, shows up the popup displaying a coupon with an offer or other engaging deal, hence enticing the customer to finalize the purchase. This is really a workable option to increase the conversion rates and grow the revenues.

Sell more products

Sometimes customers leave the store because they don’t find what they are looking for. In this instance a perfectly converting exit intent popup can come to rescue your sales. When the customer is about to leave the store, show a popup suggesting to indicate best sellers. Like, “Hey, check our best-sellers before you leave! Maybe that’s what you’re looking for!”. This is a worthwhile offer that can make any customer get back to your store. Even if the visitor does not buy anything, you are still a winner. After all,l you provide a flow to your store and increase the conversion rates.

engaging e-commerce offer by exit intent popup

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How to Create An

Exit Intent Popup?

Only 45 seconds and 4 simple steps are needed to create an exit intent popup with Popup Maker!

Create your popup from a scratch or via one of our eye-catching templates.
Choose Exit intent in the Opening events of your popup.
Select the pages for your popup via Display rules.
Save the changes and that’s it!