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End to End Analytics for Evaluating Advertising Campaigns

By investing in online marketing, companies are looking to optimize ad spend. Moreover, it is important to do this effectively. However, the task is often difficult.

A large number of advertising channels and traffic sources make them unclear about their effectiveness. After all, users come from different platforms. At the same time, the question of conversion remains open. Driven traffic that does not generate sales is ineffective in terms of the profitability of an advertising campaign.

However, there is a way to take into account all the variables. We need end to end analytics. It is she who allows you to take into account the effectiveness of advertising channels and ensure maximum marketing efficiency.

What is “end to end analytics”?

It is a method of analysis for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing investment (ROMI). Assumes the use of customer journey data. This takes into account information related to the following stages of interaction:

  • viewing an advertisement;
  • getting to the site;
  • making a purchase;
  • repeat orders.

To determine the ROI of marketing across multiple channels, you need to look all the way. In the context of ROMI assessment, custom analytics are ineffective. It is easier to explain this with an example.

Let’s say there is an online store. Users come to it from different channels, and go approximately the same way:

  1. Visiting an advertising service.
  2. Transfer from it to the site.
  3. Checkout.
  4. Purchase.

At the same time, there are many variables in the process. The buyer can place an order through the online form, chat or by phone. Various payment methods are also available. A person can pay by card, through a payment system, or in cash upon receipt. Conventional analytics do not provide data on all of these variables. Accordingly, it is extremely difficult to determine the priority traffic source.

Therefore, if you decide to start an online store, be sure to take care of end-to-end analytics. This will track your results and improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. You do not have to waste your budget because you will know which channels are best for your business and the most profitable for it.

Evaluate advertising campaigns

Business benefits of end to end analytics

Advertising services do not provide all the information. An ad service can show excellent conversion or click rates. But it does not take into account further user actions.

Looking at the CRM data, you may find that sales have not increased much. Also, there are times when a person can abandon the cart, or even cancel the order. The analytics of the advertising service shows the high efficiency of the campaign. CRM data suggests otherwise. Accordingly, this traffic source is not the one in which investments should be increased.

This output is the result of matching user path data. He demanded that information from two sources be taken into account. This is end-to-end analytics. The method provides a record of customer journey data, allowing you to determine the real contribution of traffic sources to the sales funnel.

This approach provides several benefits:

  1. Evaluating sales, including identifying the most popular and profitable products for the company.
  2. Increase your ROI by identifying ineffective advertising channels.
  3. Preventing Affiliate Marketing Fraud.
  4. Increase sales by leveraging data to retain customers, drive repeat purchases, and collect feedback.
  5. Effective redistribution of the advertising budget.
  6. Customer segmentation is based on buying behavior.

What tools are needed for end-to-end analytics?

For end-to-end analytics, the most important thing is the customer ID (CID). It is contained in cookies. The identifier stores valuable information about the user that can be used to analyze an advertising campaign.

In particular, as follows:

  1. CRM. Link the user characteristics contained in the customer identifier (CID) to the product card.
    One of the leading CRM providers, Salesforce with its eCommerce cloud integration has developed a robust system that helps the user to manage all the marketing activities at a single platform. Users are opting for the Salesforce course to stay up to date with the changing trend
  2. Google Analytics. Resubmit here information about the completed transaction (contained in the CID).
  3. Payment system. Consider transferring data from it to Google Analytics.

The most important reports in Google Analytics

End to end analytics report

Literally, three types of reports can help make end to end analytics more data-rich. I mean those who evaluate:

  1. Influence of content. For example, performance and traffic reports. Also, pay attention to data from social networks.
  2. The performance of the Internet resource, as well as attraction models. The range of data that can be obtained here is very diverse. Look for fend-reports on user behavior, page load speed, and mobile performance.
  3. SEO efficiency. This refers to reports that analyze keywords, as well as pages that link to your site.


If a company invests in online advertising, then a high-quality analysis of advertising campaigns is necessary. Only by evaluating the data can the effectiveness of the channels be determined. This will optimize your ad campaigns. This means that it will optimize the marketing budget, find a specific target audience and effectively increase sales.

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