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Create Buyer Persona in 7 Easy Steps

A buyer persona is a targeting means for all the business owners allowing you to understand your customers better. Segmentation plays an important role in targeting your customers.

Having a buyer persona helps website owners to have guarantees for selling and buying goods and services online (and not only). This really helps you to target your audience with various campaigns, considering important factors that will lead to more sales.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer or customer persona is an imaginary person who serves as a perfect buyer/customer. This is something that any beneficial business owner should have. 

A buyer persona includes a list of criteria that fall under the perfect customer image that you have for your business. This list represents the requirements of your real customers and the potential ones that you strive to gain.

Having a buyer persona, you may engage more with your audience, via email campaigns and other ads. Just knowing well what your customers are into, you can easily get more sales and conversions.

There are several steps to follow in order to create a perfect buyer persona for your business.

Step 1 – Make an analytical research

The first thing one should do before starting a marketing campaign on the website is making research. When it comes to creating a perfect buyer persona for your online (not only) business, it’s very important to have some statistics. 

Analytical researches greatly help in finding the best targeting options for your audience and forming a buyer persona. 

Analytical data helps the website owner to collect more information about the user interaction on the website. It helps you to know where the customers are from. You may easily know the best engaging content/pages on your website.

Analytical researches also help the website owner to see the time spent on certain product pages. Overall, it helps to understand the needs and interests of your buyers in order to target them better.

Step 2 – Find out what your buyers think about your product/service

Popup Maker - Customer Feedback

Continuing the subject of knowing your customers needs, the next step is the connection with the customers. Customer feedback is one of the most important things for the success of any business. 

Customers/buyers are the main reason for any operation on the site. What you do should directly rely on your customers’ needs. 

This is why it’s a great deal to collect customer feedback on your website. Be that a service or a product, any type – feedbacks are the greatest way to understand the needs of your buyers.

Quizzes are one of such very handy means for learning what your customers are interested in. An online survey is also a very powerful tool for data collection and research. What your customers’ needs are and what they prefer more can easily form a buyer persona for better sales.

As a business owner, you should know well what to offer to your customers in order to have a more successful business. Consider this when forming a buyer persona in order to succeed in all the steps.

Step 3 – Use demographic details

Demographic details are one of the most important points that you need for creating a buyer persona. Such information helps you understand your target audience better in order to know well what to offer the exact customer. Here are a couple of demographic details that you may need for creating the buyer persona:

  • The name of the business of the customer
  • The industry where the customer performs
  • The average revenue of the customer
  • The number of the team the customer has
  • The geo-location of the customer
  • The position of the customer

Having the details listed above, you can have an all in all understanding of who your customers are and what you can offer them.

Step 4 – Summarize the details you find 

The next step is summarizing the details you have collected about your customers. This includes not only the demographic details but also the results of the common feedback of your customers. 

Narrowing down the most common aspects of your finds about your audience will help you to have a clearer understanding of the final image.

Collect those details and use them in order to make more targeted offers to your buyers. Use this to become more engaged and offer things that they are really interested in.

Include the most common challenges and preferences of your customers into your buyer’s persona.

Step 5 – Separate a number of buyer personas

A great solution is having not only one buyer persona but a couple of them. Separate a number of buyer personas with different criteria in order to have targeting options for any case. 

It’s useless to have more than 5 buyer personas for your business, but having at least 3 buyer personas will ease your job in targeting. 

After collecting the whole data about your customers, you can group the most common criteria into 3 personas. 

For instance, if you have an online shop and sell various clothes/shoes for Women, Men, and Children, you may have 3 personas for each category.

Just collect the data about your customers into these 3 groups of interests and know what exactly to offer according to the buyer persona.

Step 6 – Consider your team’s feedback about the sales

As a business owner, it’s very important to always be in touch with the team, considering their feedback and opinion in almost all aspects.

This is not an exclusion for the sales team as well. When creating a buyer persona and running targeted campaigns, the sales team is the one that can be of the most help. The sales team knows the best secrets about customer needs and sales preferences on the website.

Having their feedback as a final input in the buyer feedback will guarantee perfect success in your sales and conversion.

Step 7 – Personalize your email campaigns

Personalized email campaigns have a very important role in targeting your audience. Having buyer personas, you can easily send personalized emails to the groups of your customers having the exact persona in your mind. 

This will perfectly help you to run personalized and automated email campaigns. Just imagine – you don’t just only make the email sending process automated. The user interaction doesn’t hurt in this case. And guess why? You have all the ground to personalize even automated emails.

Simply creating an autoresponder or scheduled email campaigns for each persona (customer group) separately, you kill to birds with one stone! You save a lot of time not sending the emails one by one. And the customers feel appreciated seeing the offer specialized for them.


Ready to conquer the market with your perfect buyer personas? Go ahead and run your targeted campaigns to allure more customers and boost your sales.

Having a clear understanding of what the ideal buyer persona should be for your business, you are ready to escalate your sales.

Spend some time to prepare the perfect buyer persona, then rest watching how your sales grow in the fastest way! 

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