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5 Tricky Tips To Benefit Your Sales

The main goal of all business owners is to increase the online sales of their business – no matter it’s a small or large one. It doesn’t matter what kind of an eCommerce site you use, such as a titan like Amazon.
There are millions of methods to help you gain more sales with online popups, many of which we have discussed in our previous posts. So let’s check some more tricky tips you can invoke on your site strategy to get more sales on your eCommerce!

eBook Gifts For Subscription

Bonuses for subscriptions are one of the best-proven methods to gain more subscribers and customers. Bonuses may be as discount coupons, free pieces of a product, like “buy one – get the second for free!”, etc.

Today’s best working bonus is providing eBooks as a gift for a subscription. Provide a subscription form in an online popup and offer a free eBook after they subscribe to your newsletter. And the eBook may be thematic – I mean, if you’re running a culinary eCommerce store, you’d better offer an eBook about food & cooking. Or pair with a restaurant and offer ghost kitchen gift cards to customers.

Make sure the eBook you offer is attractive enough for your customers to encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter. Deal with the overall preferences of your “audience” to get profit from your offer.

eBook Gifts For Subscription

Discount Coupons

Our favorite trick! 🙂

It’s a fact that people are more feasible to subscribe to your newsletter if offered a good bonus, like a discount coupon. Everyone is intrigued by a deal, doesn’t matter large or small it is. I guess anyone would rather save a few bucks instead of paying full price for a product they are to buy.

So, offering a discount coupon for a subscription in an online popup may be an ideal promotion to get more subscribers and, accordingly more sales.  Add a subscription form online popup to your product pages/posts and collect subscribers, engaging them with your fascinating offer!

Popup Maker - Discount Coupon

Online Popup Video Tutorial 

Online Video Popup Tutorial

Any website that has tutorials is 50% more useful than one without tutorials. You may think that tutorials are more useful for some educational or for websites or some other practical stuff. But you’ll be surprised! Even in eCommerce stores, video tutorials can be much appreciated.

Let’s say you are on an online store for the first time. You’d like to get acknowledged about the goods in the store, about the ways you can purchase an item you like, and learn easier ways to make the searching process easier.

This is the point of having included a video tutorial on your eCommerce! And, what can be hunkier than a video online popup suddenly appearing on the page?

A customer will be surprised to see a helping tip appear in his/her sight.

Just make sure the tutorial is informative enough and charmingly recorded. I’d recommend a cartoon-like video; it’s engaging more attention and is more interesting to watch. 😉

Attractive Subscriptions

The possibility of getting more customers and more sales on your eCommerce store is higher if you have many subscribers. If 25% of your subscribers are converted into a customer, then be sure you’re running a good strategy, my friend!

So, how to get many subscribers that will become your true customers?

What is the first thing that attracts visitors to your website? The charming design, of course. And this refers to the Subscription forms too. It must be elegantly designed to capture a visitor’s attention and somehow convince them to subscribe.

So, a good background image would be just on point in this case. Think of colorful and informative designs at the same time. Add an inviting text on the image to interest the visitor to subscribe, like “Wanna know how to make use of online popups? Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive more video tutorials!”.

Attractive Popup Subscription

Social Availability

It’s become a tendency to promote products, stores, and brands on social networks. The most targeted ones now are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Most celebrities and famous designers put ads and introduce themselves on Social networks to endorse their sales. I guess this is the most effective way to sell more stuff and boost more sales.

Everyone is “network-available” now having those smartphones with applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other types of popular networks. Online society is always up to date with the latest news, hanging around on their social accounts.

So, I guess you agree that there can’t be any other more productive way to sell your goods rather than promoting them on social networks.

All you need to do is just to add Social sharing buttons on your eCommerce website, on your product and shop pages. This will boost your news and sales and will bring more customers to your stores!

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Go ahead, dare to become a more successful businessman in the eCommerce world!

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