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Video Popup Marketing To Explore Your Sales

Not sure if video popup marketing is something worth to use for enlarging your business? You’ll be greatly surprised to know how much profit can video popup marketing bring to your business in such easy ways that need no effort to put in.

In fact, video popup marketing is getting more and more popular today. People mostly tend to watch an ad with a video rather than read some boring articles. Besides, you can show a huge piece of info in one short video. It’s a creative way to boost your website engagement, leads, and sales. These popups are capable of addressing the ‘promotion’ part of the five Ps of marketing.

So, don’t hesitate to use video popups in your marketing and gain more income for your business! 😉

What are the best and most profitable uses of video popups?

Let’s check them up!

Video Popup Marketing For Fitness Tutorial Ads

Video Popup Marketing Fitness Tutorial Ad

Have you noticed how popular is being in form and to have a healthy lifestyle? Every second person today is doing sports, eating healthy, or at least pretending to. 🙂

That’s why there are so many fitness online training and tutorials all over the net. Every site has a video popup, showing some “extra-effective workout” courses online. The point is the idea of making it an attractive one, so that nobody can pass by and will take the time to view the video. And what’s the trick in this case? Yes, there should be an attractive trainer in the video that will motivate people that they can be alike.

So, if you’re running a fitness, healthy-life, or any other such type of blog or a website, it can be very effective for you to share your ads in video popups. It’s a guaranteed method to spread your ads and the possibility of the visitors seeing it in a popup is much higher than if you placed it somewhere on your site.

Webinar Popups

Webinar Video Popup

We have mentioned the efficiency of popup webinars for your business growth. These kinds of online seminars are very popular nowadays and productive at all points.

See, it’s very convenient to watch videos, learn new things on the topics you’re interested in, and ask questions that will be answered by the authors.

So, in this case, a good practice will be to add a contact form under the webinar video. This will provide an opportunity for your visitors/customers to contact you and ask questions they may have had after watching your webinar popup.

Think of the most effective time of showing the webinar to your customers, so that a larger audience will be there to see the popup. Also, it’s very important to encounter the frequency of showing the popup to your users. The best solution will be to show it once per visitor not to get them annoyed.

Beauty Tutorials in Popups

Beauty Tutorial Video Popup

There’s a tendency of running beauty blogs today. Girls, and why not, young men are teaching how to do perfect makeup, how to cut your hair, how to paint your nails, and what to wear in order to be on-trend.

The beauty tips are all over YouTube and they collect subscribers, add more videos, and endorse their business this way.

What do you think is the most attractive way to promote such businesses? Popups, for sure!

Place your YouTube videos in a popup, add them to your blog page, I’m sure you have at least one, and spread your tips to get more views. And, as we all know, the more views you collect the more money you’ll earn. At the end of your video, you can share a subscription form, so that the viewers can subscribe to your newsletter (or the channel) right from the popup.

Gaming Ads in Popups

Gaming Ads Video Popup

Thousands of game ads are displayed on the websites we visit every day such as a movies website, or an eCommerce stores, we see gambling and gaming ads in popups. Isn’t this the most productive way to advertise your games/website and get more players?

Record some short videos showing the game you offer on your site, implement it in a popup, and add a button to redirect to a download or online playing page. Make sure your video popup marketing is persuasive enough to move people to action. It can be led by an audio record telling some inspiring things that will make you go and check the game.

These kinds of pop-up ads are most effective on mobile devices. As most the games, today are played on mobile gadgets. This is why you should think of the most optimal sizes and time range to show these kinds of popup ads on mobile devices.

Introduce Yourself

Introduction Video Popup

What I like the most about professional websites are the introduction videos showing what they do and what they offer. In my opinion, this adds some more quality to the website and the business overall.

This is actually very necessary for the site visitors, which can bring them to the landing page on your site for the first time, for example. It helps them to orientate better on your site and have a better understanding of your service and the goods you may be offering online.

To make sure the visitors will see the introduction video in any case, it’s a good idea to show it in a popup.

Set it to be shown on all your pages, but remember to set it to display only once for each visitor. This is very important in order not to irritate your site visitors, as there’s no need to show the introduction video popup more than once per visitor. One time is totally enough! 😉

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