Don't Let COVID19 Harm Your Health & Sales

Don’t Let COVID19 Harm Your Health & Sales

Almost the whole planet is concerned with the latest news of COVID19 Corona virus. Everyone is in panic. People all over the world are isolated at the moment in their houses. Most of them are staying at home and working from home.

This can have a huge impact on the businesses. But you can keep the connection with your online customers. 

Online shopping is more than relevant these days, and you can take an advantage of this situation.

Popup Maker - COVID19

  • Inform your visitors about the COVID19.
  • Use popups to share tips for keeping healthy these days.
  • Provide special discounts to the customers and promote more sales.
  • Collect subscribers and keep them informed about news via newsletter emails on COVID19.

Show your caring to your customers keeping them informed about the virus and don’t let it harm your sales. Take the advantage to become more engaged with your customers and gain more sales these days.

Stay Healthy & Safe. 

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