SaaS marketing explained by our teammate in our monthly hack

Monthly Hack by Our Teammate: SaaS Marketing Explained in 2 Minutes

Fields in marketing are parallel to the ones in the medical industry. You can be a professional doctor but don’t have to specialize in aesthetic dermatology if you are a neurosurgeon, the same goes with digital marketing, you can be great at email marketing, and arrange perfect outreach but still don’t know what the heck is SaaS Marketing and how to deal with it.

Today, one of our teammates, Tatev has prepared a short yet informative article on SaaS Marketing.

Here we go.

The Difference between Digital and SaaS Marketing

Over the last 10 years, we have been discussing the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing, but now, it’s not timely so we shift to comparing digital marketing and the SaaS one.

As a SaaS marketer, you’d be challenged to promote and lead to sales not the physical product but an online service and not once but repetitively, by ensuring a ling-time communication and relationship with your prospects and leads.

But let’s stop for a sec and ask ourselves what we imagine or think of when we hear of SaaS, is it only about the tech industry? The answer is no. Most of our favorite brands are based on SaaS Marketing: Netflix, Slack, Spotify, MailChimp, and many more:

Why Should You learn of SaaS Marketing?

Because of or Due to Global Pandemic, SaaS Marketing has the potential to be the game-changer among all the other digital marketing fields and specializations. Many studies and surveys claim SaaS marketing to be dominant among digital marketing methods. A survey by Finances Online suggests that about 86% of companies will be running on SaaS by 2023:

How Can You Make Money using SaaS?

Nearly every SaaS platform offers an affiliate program where you can make money by promoting the owner’s business. Another #whf favorite source of revenue, isn’t it?

More tips and hacks here: 

 3 Best SaaS Marketing Tactics to Use in 2021

  • Give away free but relevant and timely content
  • Use Countdowns
  • Organize joint webinars with gurus of your field
  • Use SM Platforms wisely:
  • Use LinkedHelper
  • LinkedIn Premium
  • Join Targeted Groups
  • Share about Your Teammates, make your network part of your big family.
  • Search for traffic sources (by doing this you will jump into the consideration stage and converting them into conversion stage prospects will be way easier.) Some marketers call them purple clients, not going to comment on the name tho.
  • Feel free to contact us in case of questions, or cooperation offers, we are open for international networking.

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