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What is Website Visitor Tracking and How Does It Work?

Website visitor tracking is the process of examining the user activity on the website that has the potential to generate leads for your company or business.

This is valuable information which then your sales and marketing teams will convert into revenue!

Discovering about the journey of companies or individuals on your website via Website Visitor Tracking usually involves answering questions like:

  • why they visit your website
  • Which page did they engage with the most?
  • How long do they wander through the website before purchasing?
  • what stage are they on and their purchase behavior
  • What marketing campaign made them enter your website?

This information becomes your superpower. And now you can specify the tactics to target them by delivering them the content they need.

So you would think, why not focus more on analytic solutions and identify the website’s performance via some statistics, right? This can definitely help you identify the traffic volume of your website. However, it would generate valuable data for the SEO specialist and marketers to check how successful their campaigns were. Website Visitor tracking opens new doors for the sales department and has the potential to establish new B2B connections.

So what steps stand behind Website Visitor Tracking?

Web visitor tracking

1.The Web Visitor tracking software finds companies browsing your website through their IP address using reverse DNS.

  1. You create a profile of each company by looking up other available details.
  2. You add this data into your CRM tool and start converting it into leads

Important note: Your steps should be aligned with the GDPR legislation; otherwise, you might get in trouble.

You see how close the customer is to making a purchase and based on that information, you decide the right strategy to convert their current phase into a purchase phase.

Your key to success will be your content. Once you choose the right content to display to the website users, your conversion rates will get the potential to convert 72% more sales.

At the time when you have data collected, you can start brainstorming on adjusting the content based on your users’ needs.

Examples of decision making:

  • Suppose most of the website users make a purchase after checking the blogs about Covid-19 safety measurements. In that case, you should probably consider optimizing the content of CCovid-relatedupdates and showing users that you care about safety.
  • You see that people spent a lot of time exploring your “About Us” page.

What do you do? That’s right, you review the storytelling you have there and add more value to it to connect to your potential customer on an emotional level.

  • You discover that a significant percentage of your conversions come directly from Instagram ads. This gives you a direction to focus on that particular social media channel. As now you know that is where your target audience spends the most time. You might improve your social media business account there and start implementing SMM tactics as well to drive more sales.
  • Let’s assume you see that 70% of your website visitors leave the website right after checking 2-3 pages. You might want to implement Exit Popups that can refocus your visitors’ attention the second they want to leave your website by offering a nice deal right away. Conversion Sciences state that 10 – 15% of leaving visitors can be saved by using exit-intent popups and bringing them back on your website. All you need is a well-crafted message. In this regard, a website floating bar is another great way of interacting with your visitors and driving them into conversion.

These were all cases when you definitely could see that the statistics demonstrate the customer’s journey who eventually purchased a product or service. Now let’s see what you can do if you feel lost about those companies who still haven’t bought any of your services.

Take advantage of the following tips

  • Be creative in your Call to Action buttons but also try to give the visitor a hint that they are about to get information that is just right for them and no one else!
  • Be interactive and create tools that will let the visitor connect to you in a second.
  • Upload PDF-s targeted to exact business groups from different spheres so that every company has something valuable to take with themselves. Show them that you see what their issues are and let them know you are ready to handle that.
  • Pursue your visitors in the same place they came from. Suppose the viewer came to your website from any of the social media platforms. Try to connect to them right there. You will earn some trust points.
  • Always track your performance! You have to be very attentive to follow the continuous journey of your customers. Track their website visits in order to know what they are looking for and provide them an offer that will seduce them in seconds!

Why Website Visitor Tracking and not any other Marketing tool?

Visitors tracking

The first reason is you are not wasting your budget on campaigns that will not generate leads from website visitors that don’t fit your target market.

Secondly, you have the opportunity to target several people from one company that have visited your website.

Then, you can display advertising messages that will gather their attention based on what you have learned previously from their behavior on your website.

How will Web Visitor Tracking make all your departments better off?

  1. Your marketers analyze better and eventually perform better as now they have a lot of valuable data on hand.
  2. Your sales management teams will be able to track the purchasing data and thus, organize their next steps more efficiently.

What data exactly will you get with Website Visitor tracking?

  • Time spent on a particular page
  • Country
  • Quantity of visits
  • Company & Position
  • The source of the lead

And so much more.

You are about to build new corporative relationships and drive sales just by becoming smarter customer-wise!

Start your journey with us now!

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