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Grow Your Email List With Popup Optin Forms

Studies have shown that popup optins provide the greatest conversion rate of any website, the point is to design them properly and implement them with a proper triggering event.

It’s not a top secret that providing informative, entertaining, and engaging content is a vital element in the process of attracting visitors to your site. Yet for many users, the most challenging question is how to convert site visitors to subscribers.  

The popup should appear in the right place at the right time. It should not irritate users or bother them while they’re on your site.

Both, the design and the content of the popup are extremely important when it comes to engaging with the users. Make sure that the option will catch the users’ attention from the very first sight. Don’t forget about the content itself. Offer deals that will for 100% entice your visitors and convince them to take some actions.

Optin popups can become the superweapon for you to enlarge your audience and become a more successful blogger.

The point is to get the most optimal tool that will be easy to use, will have many customization options, so you can fit the look to your blog style, and the price, of course, should be affordable.

So what are the correct triggering events for converting optin popups and what are the best design examples to keep in mind?

Let’s see some of the really useful examples in this article. 😉

Intuitive Offers

intuitive offer email list

Keeping in mind that the optin forms are supposed to be one of the most interactive means to convert visitors on a live basis, you can go further. Use optin forms to collect even more subscribers to your list, thus increasing the conversion on your site.

If you’ve got a blog, you should think about gaining more readers and get a broader audience.
The quality and interesting content on your blog comes first, without any doubts. You can’t have a good amount of readers if your content is not engaging and interesting enough. But if you got the talent of keeping the readers caught up with your content eventually, then you should proceed to the next level of increasing the number of your readers.

There are thousands of optin form popup creator tools out there for any interest, just make a little research and pick the best suit for you.

So, after you’ve found the good optin popup creator, you should proceed to the popup creation itself. Include a simple optin form in your popup, not forgetting about the GDPR compliance checkbox. Add some text to ask your readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

What can be more convincing for your readers, rather than getting access to more of your posts (considering that you’re a good writer 🙂 )? Offer them to enter their email address so they can receive weekly updates about your new posts and always stay updated.

Add this optin on your posts and show it with a little delay in case the user stays inactive for a while. This simply will mean that they’re interested in your content, and probably are reading it at that moment. So the chance of getting them subscribed to your newsletter will be high enough.
This intuitive means of showing an optin form on your site will quickly boost your email list.

Spin-the-wheel Optins

spin the wheel optin for email list

Who doesn’t love prizes? All of us do! And when it comes to conversion means on any website, you should think about bribing means for your site visitors.
Entice them with attractive offers like discounts, free items, free shipping, etc. You should have something to offer to your visitors to convince them to subscribe to your email list.

Optin form popups have different variations for different sites and different purposes. Sales are one of the best motivators to grow a mailing list for eCommerce websites.

Offer some sales to a shopper and they are all yours. 🙂

Among many simple ways of offering sales or some other prizes to your visitors, is the usage of the “spinner” element inside an optin form popup. We all know that “spin-the-wheel” game when you spin the wheel and get some of the prizes in the slices, or you don’t win anything.
So, what could be more fascinating for a visitor rather than winning prizes while playing games during shopping on your site?

Simply create an attractive optin popup with a spinner element inside and ask your visitors to enter their email to get one of the prizes on the wheel. The spinner will run as soon as the email is submitted. This is a perfect motivation for a visitor to provide you with their email address, as anyone would be happy to be a part of this game like a sales win.

And if you add this super powerful optin popup on exit intent on your product pages, no visitor will leave your store without making any purchases. This way you will hit more than 2 rabbits at the same time – your email list will grow, the bounce rate of your site will decrease and you’ll sell more stuff on your store.

Optins With Countdown Offers

optins countdown offer for email list

Another perfect combination of an Exit-Intent technology and Optin form popups are the countings down offers.
Any offer becomes triple more attractive when it has a time limitation on it. Keep this in mind when adding optin forms on your site. You’ll have a better conversion in a shorter time period.

When visitors see that some offer has a deadline and will expire soon, even the most uninteresting offer becomes engaging. 🙂

So, if you try hard and make a really interesting offer for your site visitors to promote more sales and grow your email list. You’ll definitely have a lot more success.

Let’s say you’re running a tour agency website and you need to sell more tickets sooner. Of course, some sales wouldn’t hurt your business at all. Sales are the lifesavers of any online (and not only) business in the hardest times.

So, just create an enticing optin popup with an attractively positive background image, connected to travel, rest, and all that stuff. Add a countdown form into your popup, and set the deadline for your offer availability. Include a simple optin form that the users should fill in to get the discount for the hot tour, and that’s it! Set the popup to appear just when the visitors try to leave your site, stop them and convert in real-time. This can be a good reason for them to stay up on your site.

They’ll add their email to your email list, and you’ll send them the discount code via newsletter. And everyone is happy! 🙂


Optin form popup solutions can become a real-time conversion tool for any website if correct rules are followed. Implement clever techniques in the optin creation and the popup triggering itself. Thus your email list will grow at a rapid speed.

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