Get More Revenue With PayPal Button

How to Use Popup Maker’s PayPal Button to Get More Revenue?

All the eCommerce shop owners and other online businessmen are concerned about finding new ways of getting more revenue on their sites. Thousands of handy methods are known for reaching better results in shopping but it’s always not enough. 🙂

So Popup Maker is here with the latest, brand-new tool to help in getting more revenue – the PayPal button tool. This is the ultimate tool that will do magic in your sales growth.

PayPal is now one of the most popular means of payment in online shopping. Millions of people are making online payments via PayPal on various online stores. So why just not use this fact in getting more revenue?!

How Can Popup Maker’s PayPal Button Raise Your Sales?

The PayPal button can be added to any popup type you wish. Simply create a beautiful and attractive popup offering some good deals for your store. Include the PayPal button inside your popup offer and ease the process of checkout with one click. Your shoppers will definitely like this super innovation.

People are striving for more simplicity and time-saving tricks. You’ll become the number one for your users if you implement this great trick on your store.

Just imagine – you have an online store, and a great variety of goods for sale. As we all know, one of the best effective ways of promoting more sales is by offering discounts. No other trick can beat the usage of a popup to offer a discount to your shoppers. In addition, if you go farther and include a PayPal button in your popup, this will surely raise the chance of selling the item.

And if you add to this whole package a perfectly picked triggering event for the popup, you’ll beat the scores, my friend! A perfect one can be “On hover” event. The popup offers with the PayPal button will show up just when they hover over the item image. Just when they’re passing by your goods, thinking about which to choose. 

How To Set Up?

After inserting the PayPal button inside your popup, a great variety of options will appear for your choice. You are free to select the currency for your PayPal button and estimate the price to be paid.

set up a PayPal button

Further on, 4 payment methods are available to be selected for the PayPal button: Add To Cart, Buy Now, Donation and Subscription.

You are free to customize all the details concerning each of the methods and choose the button behavior for your PayPal popup. Even more, you can design the button style to fit your preferences and taste.
Check more details about the creation and usage of the Popup Maker PayPal button: How to use the PayPal popup element?

Get ready to blow the sales on your site! Start thinking like a super successful businessman and enjoy online marketing with Popup Maker! The best is yet to come!
Keep up with all the great news from Popup Maker, we’ll don’t stop surprising! 😉

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