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3 Types of Popups You Should Have On Your Website

The usage of a website popup has become an inseparable part of any marketing campaign of a website. These are the ultimate tools that can boost the conversion of a website and provide more sales to the store.

Dozens of various website popup types are available in the market to implement on a site and raise the sales on the site. Correct and clever usage of website popup types can greatly improve the statistics of the site.

A greater part of this practice takes the selection of the best (specifically) website pop up tool suitable exactly for your needs and your site. Hundreds of website pop-up services, popup maker plugins, and applications are available in the market to choose from. One can easily find the best suit for a website, making a little research, and comparing the ratings, pricing, and the number of features provided.
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Let’s see what website popup types can be the best uses to enforce better conversion on your site. What are the best converting uses and which popup types can promote your content marketing and convince your users the best?

Instagram Promotion
Instagram promotion popup types

There’s no doubt that Instagram has turned into one of the most dominant marketing tools of our day. Thousands of people make money, promote their businesses, and become popular by sharing their photos on Instagram.

This is a complete advantage you can take to promote your website and promote more conversions. If you haven’t registered an account on Instagram yet, then go ahead – don’t miss a second! Start your business marketing today, on this social network. Share high-quality images of your products/services and start collecting followers.

There are various ways of collecting more followers on Instagram, we’ll discuss one of the most influential ones. Website popup windows are there to attract your users and lead them to follow your Insta page. The more followers you have, the more popular you’ll become, so the more conversion you’ll have. This is a chained flow. 🙂

Create a simple social sharing website popup, including an Instagram follow button, and add it to your home page, i.e.. So, when a customer comes to your site, he’ll be notified about your Instagram shop and will easily be directed there.

Game-like Spinner Sales
Game like spinner popup types

People are venturous by nature, and it’s easy to push them to shop if you know how to deal with this fact. Sales and discounts are always a brilliant idea to promote more sales. Another point is to find the best way to display and offer those sales to attract more users.

Ever heard about a spinning website pop-up tool? It’s something like a wheel of fortune, that displays the sales you offer on your site. The users spin the wheel and get the sales/gifts you offer on the wheel.

Such kinds of spinners are mostly used inside popups, and they aim to push the customers to more shopping. Simply construct your spinner wheel, with your offers and put it in a website popup.

The popup can be set to appear on exit intent, on your shop pages. So, if a user tries to leave the shop page without making a purchase, your offer may stop them. The probability of them coming back and shopping at your store is high. Hardly anyone can resist a sale offer, especially when it’s offered as a game.

Newsletter Updates
Newsletter update popup types

Newsletter emails are one of the best ways of content marketing nowadays. With a simple email letter, you can promote your service, information about your sales, and news.

The most productive and proven way to collect emails for the newsletter is a subscription form. And what can make it even productive – a website pops up, for sure!

Create and design a clear subscription form with the minimal required fields and a “Subscribe” button. If your pop-up tool has a lot of design customization options, you can make it as attractive as you can. Like, you can make a round form instead of the normal square one. This will engage with your customers and they will be interested in it.

After you have collected subscribers to your list, the next step is sending them weekly (or monthly) newsletter updates, promoting your content, and sharing your offers.

This is a proven way to keep acquaintance with your users.


Among all the prominent content marketing means website popup usage is among the most effective ones. Clever and strategic usage of website pop-ups can bring you more conversions in a short period.

Finding a perfect pop-up tool, that will fit your preferences the best, is one of the main tasks raising before you. It won’t take you much effort to pick one. There are so many popup tools available in the market at the moment.

The next step/task for you is choosing popup types to use on your website. Get the best conversions to endorse your content and get more sales.

Another important point is picking the correct triggering event, like exit intent, and the right pages to show the offer. This needs some targeting to show the offer to the auditory that will be interested in your offer the most.

In the end, if you have built a connection with your users, it’s guaranteed that you’ll succeed in your content marketing.

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