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Easy Tricks to Beat The Cart Abandonment

Popup Maker is that one “superman” for your website when you face shopping cart abandonment on your shop site. Among all the essential tools there are 60+fully customizable popup templates that make your work easier. The only thing you should know is the campaign tricks that allow you to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase your sales.

Newsletter Prompts

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Keeping in touch with your customers/subscribers/users is the key to your eCommerce success. The newsletter is considered one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers.

And the first and important step is to build an email subscribers list with a Subscription popup on your web site. Expand your email list, and start newsletter campaigns to achieve more success.

Sometimes users forget about what they added to their card and can’t decide to accomplish a purchase. That’s why newsletters alert reminders come to help you to make a decision and make a purchase.

Creating and sending a fascinating and reasonable newsletter campaign to your customers is a wise step as they think that everything that they added to their card is already sold out, which will make them to go back your website and make a purchase.

Exit Intent – Real-Time Conversion

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Exit Intent technology is the best way to get your customers back when they want to leave your website. This is the best way to remind them what they added to their card or what they wanted to buy before they leave your website.

You can even offer them a special discount if they come back and make a purchase. An exit-intent popup is the best way to reduce the bounce rates and increase more sales on your website.

Use a simple trick, build a simple exit-intent popup, and you will see the growth of your sales 😉

Welcoming Reminders

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Automatic reminders are considered the best way to reduce shopping cart abandonment on your website. As your potential customers come to your website very often, you can use special reminders for them to get back on your website.

Build up a simple popup that shows the items that your customers have added to their carts and didn’t make a purchase. Just let them know that things that they have added to the cart are already sold out and they can miss the chance to get them. Set the popup to open on the “On load” event, which means the popup will open automatically, as soon as the page loads. Don’t forget to add 2 buttons in the popup  “Check Out”, which will take them to the cart so they can check out, and another button “More Items” which will take them to the products page so they can pick more to purchase. This is just a perfect popup shopping cart recovery strategy that can save your shop

Activating Shopping Alert

shopping alert activation

Have you ever heard about the “Inactivity” pop-up triggering event? This is the best tool to kind of “wake up” your customers when they stuck on the checkout page not able to decide to make a purchase.

Just specify inactive pop-ups for your customers, including award discounts that are convincing enough for them to make a purchase.
This is the best way to beat shopping cart abandonment on your website. Just use a simple popup for a shopping cart recovery solution and increase your conversation rates.


Ready to boom your sales now? Guess what, now you have a genius tool to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase your sales on your eCommerce store.
Opt for the right moment with correct pop-up triggering events, and make the best offers to attract your customers. Apply simple yet powerful popup shopping cart recovery solutions for your website and save your online shop.
Keep up with the newsletter campaign and you won’t miss a single customer!

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