Call to Action: How to Write a Killer CTA

Call to Action: How to Write a Killer CTA

If one is to google “What is the typical Call to Action conversion rate,” the results will show 4.32 % rate. This rate proves that CTA’s shouldn’t be taken for granted. Hence any online business owner who wants to be successful must have a killer Call to Action. This article includes all the tips needed for writing a CTA that will convert customers into leads. So, don’t waste any more time and dig in.

What Does a Call to Action mean?

For knowing how to write a killer Call to Action, you need to have a clear understanding of what a call to Action stands for. Typical CTA is a prompt in the form of a text on a button or image calling visitors to take desired actions from submitting their emails to actually buying the products.

We have prepared great call-to-action ideas that will help to build excellent CTAs, but before that, let’s examine the actual examples and how to use them

Common Call to Action Types to Use

Any piece of content involves a call to action section, whether it is a blog post, article, social media post, or video. CTAs are commonly used in the form of Call to Action Buttons, website Call to Action, text anchor Call to Action, exit Call to Actions, email Call to Actions, or a social media text.  

Call to Action Buttons

Typically CTAs are written as the texts in landing page buttons. The trick is to make them large, easy to click and stand out from the rest of the web page. On any web page, they are placed as free trial offers or demo requests. An important thing to remember about CTA buttons is A/B testing. Always test them to find the most convertible one and keep it.

Call to Action Links

Call to Action is not only a separate part of a website landing page. It is also a part of any well-crafted blog post or content. Meaning besides having a Call to Action at the end of website blog posts, you should always remember to imply anchoring links. Anchoring links are an indirect form of Call to Action resulting in driving traffic to the web pages you want to. 

Exit Call to Action

Call to Action can be used not only for correctly driving customers to sell point but to make them stay at your web page longer. Here you can check out more about exit-intent strangers and how to make your visitors stay. The specific strategy you can use is exit-intent pop-ups. They appear when the visitors are about to abandon the web page. They use the call to action to remind customers about a great discount they will miss if they leave. 

The example down below of our pop-up offers a coupon code for the client’s selected items. It is light, fun, and makes customers consider taking action indirectly.

Exit Call to Action

Email Call to Action 

Email marketing is crucial for any business. It enables keeping in touch with leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers. That’s why it is essential to have a great email Call to Action

The example we want to present to you is also designed by us. This example aims towards making customers feel comfortable as well. It is colorful and fun. What is more important is that it approaches customers as friends increasing the chances of them staying in touch with you.


Call to Action Phrases to Learn From

For having a killer CTA, you will also need a catchy call-to-action phrase, which will drive the customers to take the action you need. Here is some Call to Action phrase examples that you can get inspired by to create the best one.

Use Relatable Words

Learning SEO can be tough at first. Fiver is aware of it and uses it in a smart way to get new clients “Need SEO and got no clue where to start? Hire an expert.” It relates to the exact problem the customers face, and the promise of expert help makes customers more inclined towards hiring them.


Give a Chance to Say No

Studies show that clients are pronto closing the notifications when they don’t have an option of saying “no” to suggestions. So, they choose to close without reading and move on. Give them a choice, and they will read your offer. In this example, they emphasize that the insights are free and if you are saying no, you are saying no to something for free.

Call To Action Example

Be Funny 

Trader Joe’s turned a specific holiday, a “Banana Day,” into a successful marketing campaign. They changed the typical “Subscribe” into a funny phrase, “Let’s never split.” It’s indirect and catchy, making customers appreciate creativity.

Funny Call To Action

Indicate the Value of the Offer

Users want to know exactly why they should use your services and not choose others. The easiest way of doing it is directly showing what your offer is to them and what they will get. Grammarly makes it stand out by an explicit example and kills and with the offered phrase “Improve your writing.”

Indicate the Value of the Offer

Be Direct

Sometimes a direct call to action works better than an inverted one. It simply asks to just do it. The example says, “Grab your copy,” which also sounds faster than “Download the book.” 


Creating an ideal Call to Action is difficult. So, here you can find great finds for having a general understanding of CTAs. Still, the best ones come when you write and test them yourself. 

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