Boost More Sales with Mobile Exit Intent popup!

Boost More Sales with Mobile Exit Intent popup!

Mobile Exit Intent Popup is available for Popup Maker users from now on! Get ready to get more conversions on your site, as exit intent is one of the most effective and highly converting popup triggering events. Popup offers are shown just at the very moment the user tries to leave the page/site. What can be more effective rather than an enticing offer appearing right at that moment? At least you can give it a try. 😀

Mobile Exit Intent technology brings a new era in online marketing with broader opportunities of getting more sales for an eCommerce (and others) websites. Now, that people spend a lot more time on the net using their mobile devices, rather than computers, mobile campaigns have become more important. So just collect all your forces and focus them on mobile marketing of your website.

Triggering on Mobile Devices

Mobile Exit Intent technology differs from the actual exit intent operation. On desktops, it was based on mouse movement. Mobile triggering is not based on mouse movement, there are two actions that can trigger a popup on exit intent on mobile.

The “Back” button triggering

One of the known methods of triggering an exit popup on mobile devices is taping the “back” button on the screen. This triggers the popup, supposing the user will leave the page. This is the actual moment you can offer a pretty enticing sale to keep the user on your site and do shopping.


Boost More Sales with Mobile Exit Intent popup!

Tab switching on a mobile browser

Another method of triggering a mobile exit intent popup is double-click to switch the browser tabs on mobile. When you try to switch the tabs of the browser, a popup opens on the page, supposing you’re leaving the page. A perfect offer can make anyone hang longer on the site, thus decreasing the bounce rate of the site.


Boost More Sales with Mobile Exit Intent popup!

Proper Example of a Mobile Exit Intent Popup

Popup Maker - Mobile Exit Intent Technology

Exit popups, in general, should be very enticing and convincing to make the users change their mind and stay on your site for further actions. Pay attention to the text size in the popup and make sure it’s prominent enough to attract the user’s attention.
This is extremely important for mobile exit popups, as the screen is smaller, so the popup. That’s why you should make it more attractive.
Besides, there are some very important points to consider when creating a mobile exit intent popup, to escape from getting penalties from Google. We have mentioned it in our previous posts.

According to the Google’s latest announcement about website popups on mobile gadgets, the popup dimensions to be considered in order not to interfere with the view of the visitors. So, a perfect solution in this case will be setting the dimensions of your popup so that they will cover the 40% of the page (on mobile view).


Mobile exit intent technology is the key to get more conversion on the site and increase the sales. Keep up with the evolution of online marketing and include mobile marketing with exit intent usage.
Trigger mobile exit popups via “back” button and double click to switch the browser tabs and show your super offers to keep the shoppers. Make attractive and on point offers and start getting more sales on your store!

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