Triggering Event – On Load

Welcome your users with a popup that appears as soon as the page loads

Popups can highly increase the engagement on your site, if a proper triggering event is selected. Just because of the incorrect triggering event selection, popups are often considered to be annoying for the visitors.

Another important option of not irritating your users is the selection of the right time to show the popup.

On load triggering event is the one you can use to show your popup messages just as the page loads. Generally, this is not a really good practice, as no one would like to be interrupted with a popup just as they land on a site.

But if you have a restriction popup to limit the access to the adult content on your site, this immediately appearing On load popup will be just perfect. In this case, the popup just has to appear as the page loads to restrict the access at once.

An intelligent way of implementing an On load popup on a website is setting some time delay for showing the popup. It will still appear on the page automatically, but with some delay.

This way the user will have some time on their own to search around your website, and only then you will show your popup message.

A great example of showing this kind of popup on a site may be a subscription for coupon code popup. Every user, visiting your store for the first time, will be offered a coupon code that will be sent to their email address.

This is a perfect way to encourage the new-comers for more shopping. You’ll definitely make a perfect first impression on your visitors, thus increasing your sales.


This was just an example for eCommerce websites, but you can always make targeted popup offers for any audience on any website. Just pick the right target.

Practice shows that visitors are not annoyed to see an On load popup, if it shows with some delay. Even more, they like the idea of being welcomed and paid attention of. This makes them feel special, and this way you build a good connection with your site visitors.