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Exit Intent Popups

Popup Maker’s Exit intent detects the user’s mouse movement when it tries to leave the website and triggers a popup just before that. In fact, exit intent popups can convert any visitor if an enticing offer to convince the visitor is on the table. Get engaged with the users, no matter what device they are viewing your website on – a PC or a mobile! With exit popups you will catch them anyway and anywhere.

Exit Intent Animated Gif

Cart Abandonment

Popup Maker is that one “superman” for your website, when you face shopping cart abandonment on your shop site. Apart from all the essential tools provided by this super popup creator tool, 60+ fully customizable popup templates are offered to make your task easier. The only thing you will need in addition to this perfect functionality is the knowledge of some effective popup campaign tricks that will help you to swiftly trim shopping cart abandonment on your shop site and multiply your sales.