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How to manage Links inside a popup?

Add any link you wish inside a popup.
You are free to add as many links as you wish in one and the same popup!

image Click "Insert Link" button in the editor tools to add the link you need.
Paste the URL of the page/site you wish.
Add the Text for your link.
Check the "Open in new tab" option if you wish to open the link in a separate tab.
Click "Insert" to add the link in the popup.

Click on the Link to see some customization options for your link.


imageOpen Link - Click to open the link.

imageStyle - Customize the look of your link text. Make it Green and/or Thick.

imageEdit Link - Quick edit options for your link. You can change the link URL,
the Text and click "Update" to apply the changes.
imageUnlink - Select this option to remove the link.

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